Google rebranded its Android Wear platform as Wear OS


Android Wear is the platform announced a long back in March 2014. This was specifically designed for a wearable device like a smartwatch. The latest piece of information provides us with a new name for the Android Wear, as per Google the new name for it is Wear OS. A video was also posted on YouTube regarding the same. Other things have been kept similar, the only revolutionary change is the name, so let’s check out more about it.

Smartwatches are now available for ages, but unfortunately, this gadget fails to attract a large majority of customers all over the world. Google was silent for a while but now they have made a big announcement regarding the re branding of their wearable OS. The recently uploaded video shows an alleged smartwatch which is having a new boot animation showing “Wear OS” as the boot screen. There is nothing revolutionary in this, it is just an Android Wear with a new name.

With this step, you people can get a rough idea about the future plans of Google. One fact is confirmed that Google may soon be introducing something fresh in the wearable segment. As per Google, this new name reflects their Vision, Technology and the people who use them. For the sake of better support and relations, Google has started an all-new website and even a new Twitter account. The device running latest Android OS shows an all-new boot animation as well. The basic things like Animation, etc have been improved.


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