Google Reportedly to Introduce Body Detection Feature for Android Phones

Google is reportedly introducing a new feature for Android 5.0 and above versions. This new feature can detect human touch and adjust the lock accordingly. To add this feature, Google will use devices accelerometer and sense human touch.


This feature will be able to figure out whether the device is in human contact or is away. Your device will automatically get locked when it is away from human touch. Basically, feature will be able to detect whether the device is in human hands or is away. Device will remain unlocked when it is in human hands or in human pockets. You take the phone away, it will automatically get locked. Also, feature adds that, once phone is locked, users will have to manually enter passcode in order to unlock the device. Reason for this is, feature will be capable of detecting human touch but will not be able to identify human touch. Feature isn’t capable of recognizing owners hands.

As per a report by AndroidPolice, main motive behind introducing this feature is to enhance more security and add a little convenience. In case you leave your phone unlocked on table or somewhere open, this feature in your device will help keeping your data safe. In order to add this feature in your device, users need Android OS 5.0 or above. For more updates about this feature, stay in touch with GoAndroid.

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