Google rolls out Instant Apps for Pixel and some Nexus devices in India

Instant Apps is a really great concept that I wish would be integrated faster around the Android ecosystem. Hopefully, Google is taking steps to achieve that. The feature has landed for Pixel and Nexus devices in India. Instant Apps was shown off last year at the Google I/O. It allows users to just download those parts of an app that they want to see. For example, if a user wants to pay through an app which is not installed, Instant Apps will pull out the payment interface of that app and show it. Usually, it stays in cache for some time before it gets deleted automatically.

google rolls out instant apps for pixel and some nexus devices in india

The downside to it is that the feature is quite new and only a handful of apps support the feature. The Mountain View firm started testing the feature in the beginning of this year. Hopefully, now we’ll see a more wider roll out. Setting up the feature is easy.

Go to the Settings screen > Go to Google section

Press the toggle on the top right corner

Now, Press the “Yes, I’m In” button

The devices that support the feature right now include Google Pixel, the Google Pixel XL, the Nexus 6P, and the Nexus 5X. Google has also released tools like SDK for Android Instant Apps to help them assimilate this feature in their apps. During the Preview, Instant Apps has shown some promise. Due to the convenience it brings, some apps have seen good growth numbers.


Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
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