Google Search “Lite” app that makes search faster being tested in Indonesia

Following the trends of the popular apps like Facebook Lite and Microsoft introducing resource friendly versions of their apps, Google is also testing the same. The search giant is testing a “lite” version of the Google Search app in Indonesia. The app is very much in the experimental stage. But it does look like initial roll out will be in Indonesia and India.

google search "lite" app that makes search faster being tested in indonesia

The under testing app has one main page that has a couple of shortcuts. For example, “News”, “Images”, “Search” and much more. When swiped, the home page leads to a language selection menu. Testers have reported using the app in English with “Bahasa Indonesia” setup. The app also has a search bar at the bottom that suggests keywords as you type. Users can switch the app to show only lite web pages through its search in the settings menu. Also, the results can be viewed in the internal browser instead of an external app. That can speed things further.

google search "lite" app that makes search faster being tested in indonesia
image credits: androidpolice

One thing to note is that features in the app may change as more feedback is received in the experimental stage. The app isn’t seen on the Play Store for me, but users can download it from APK Mirror if they want a taste of things to come.

Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
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