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Google is giving every possible option to make its social network, Google+ ahead of all others. After Google+ integration in comments on Google Play Apps reviews, now they have set upped another integration in Google play apps. Now you can sign in to Android Apps with Google+ id.\ aka “sign in to your Android app with their existing Google credentials, and bring along their Google+ info for an upgraded experience.”

 google+ integration

Facebook and Twitter has already initiated these kind of services. You can check out the details of Google Play Services 3.0 below:

  • OTA install from the website – Users will be able to download apps directly from the app developer’s website, after signing in with their Google+ account, allowing for a hassle-free desktop-to-mobile experience
  • App customization – Signing in with your Google account will bring your Google+ information with you, including your public profile, and people in your circles, allowing you to connect with friends while using the app.
  • Interactive posts – Shares from an app now include features like listen, check-in, and custom thumbnails, and brand attribution, which help the share stand out in your Google+ stream. Clicking on an interactive post will also link to the specific content in the app.
  • App activities – Your app activities can now be controlled to be shown to only people you specify in your circles.

Along with there are several bux fixes provided regarding Google Maps API, totaling 20 bug fixes. Some new features include circles, anti-clockwise polygons, and access to the OnMyLocationChangeListener event for even deeper access to the Maps platform.

You can head here to know more. 


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