Google Spaces going to Shut Down within a Year after its launch


Google Spaces is going to shut down on April 17th or within a year after its launch. It is packing the bags so fastly that it only lived for 9 months. It is going to be read only from March 3rd this year.

google spaces shutdown

Google Spaces comes into existence in the month of May. It is the product that got pushed at IO 2016 along with the demo of Allo App and Duo. Indeed, it came into existence with an idea of sharing information within a group on particular topic. User are able to share information from YouTube, Google Search and Chrome.

You won’t be able to do anything after March 3rd as it is going to read only mode after that date. Google Spaces is one of the rare Google product that didn’t even survived a year.

Google has a huge history of these kinds of products.

Well, you can save your messages from the SPaces before April 17th. Otherwise, all the data will be lost.

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