Google to Build Virtual Reality Version of Android

After Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion in March 2014 , followed by Microsoft’s HoloLens, Now it is reported that Search Engine Giant Google is trying to develop its own Android Operating System for VR headsets. Starting from Smartphones, Google extended its OS to Smartwatches, TV’s, Android Auto and now all set to enter VR’s.

virtual reality version of android by google

VR devices are new in the market and barely few devices have been launched by companies like HTC and Samsung. These devices have not gone on commercial sale yet. VR, right now is a non existing market with not even a single company that actually discussed pricing, release dates, application compatibilities and many such things about these VR’s. Currently VR products are available only in form of developer’s kit.

As per a report by Wall Street Journal , Google has hired about 10 developers to build a Virtual Reality Version of Android. Google is expected to set up an open platform where people can build up applications of VR devices and sell in stores. However, Google refused to comment on speculation.

If Google successfully developed  Android Software for VR headsets, it could lead to twist in technology and a lot more could be expected from Virtual Reality market.


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