Google Unveils New Location APIs; Play Games Aims To Cross Platform gaming


At Google IO 2013, Google has launched three new location APIs for developers to access the location of a device. Below these are listed:  “Geofencing”, “Activity Recognition” and”Fused Location Provider”.


Here are its descriptions:

Geofencing: apps define virtual fences around areas to then do actions when the user enters or leaves the area.

Activity Recognisation: tracks movement without the use of GPS

Fused Location Provider: it improves GPS efficiency for apps.

Coming onto Google Play Games

It allows you to 

  • Cloud Save – progression and game states saved to the cloud and synchronized across devices.
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Google+ Circles to make connections

It allows cross-platform gaming experiences and ensure that users can easily switch between their phones and tablets without losing their game states.

More Here: Google IO 2013 


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