Google+ Update Brings G+ Photos; Maps Gets Scale Bar Back


Yesterday Google rolled out updates of its Google+ and Maps Android Maps. Both the apps received some new features and performance tweaks. To download the latest versions of the Apps checkout the Google Play Links below.

google plus photos

Google+ Changes:

Now you can view, edit, and share photos stored in Google Drive, refresh content in the stream and notifications by pulling down gesture. There are some  Locations improvements, now you can share your city-level location, control who is displayed on the map. There’s Easier switching between different accounts and pages. Other changes are as follows:

  • Google Apps for Business support: restrict posts to the domain, domain icons to identify members
  • Hangouts app replaces Messenger for messaging and video calls. Visit Google Takeout to download your Messenger data.

Download: Google+ From Play Store

Google Maps:

Google Maps

As we know Google rolled out new Maps at Google IO 2013 and is already available on all platforms but Today, Google has tweaked it a bit by adding Scale bar which lets you see distances on a map. There are usual bug fixes which will improve the performance of the app.

Download: Google Maps 


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