Google+ Update To Be Out Today With Bug Fixes And Auto-Awesome Notification


Google+ application for Android has a new update rolling today with bug fixes and auto-awesome Notification to be introduced.


According to Virgil Dobjansch, A Google worker, we will get notification when we get some auto awesome Goodness on Google Plus. He writes :

Today’s new Android app is mostly about bug fixes and performance improvements, but we did squeeze in a feature that’ll make photos more fun: Auto Awesome notifications.

Auto Awesome finds sets of photos in your library, and creates fun new versions automatically (like animations, panoramas, or filmstrips). Starting today you’ll get notified on Android, iOS and the desktop whenever one of these gems is waiting for you.

The update hasn’t rolled out for all. A few people are facing the update while others who will have to wait for the update to get on to their Android.

The version 4.1.1 will be amazingly Bug Free with a few more features which we are not aware of.

Have you got the Update ? Share with us in Comments as i’m not lucky to have it yet.

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