Google will launch new touchscreen based Smart Speakers powered by Google Assistant


Smart Speakers are now becoming smarter. In fact, Amazon by its Echo Show speaker has already revealed the new face of speakers flaunting touchscreens. Following the path of the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, it seems Google is also in the race of creating smart speakers featuring touchscreen. Since the search-giant has now announced the plan of launching, what it calls as “Smart Displays” powered by Google Assistant.

As per the Google Keyword Blog, major sound tycoons such as JBL, LG, Lenovo and Sony will be unveiling the assistant powered smart displays, i.e touch-screen speakers. Well, the new partnership is in-line with Google’s effort to expand its suave digital assistant support across wide-range of electronic devices. Apart from the above reputed brands, other companies have also collaborated with Google to launch compact and cheap Google Assisted devices.

While availability and pricing details of the Smart Displays are’nt concrete as of now, certain sources suggest following possibilities. The Smart Displays are expected to be worth around $200 for base or low-end models. While the high-end or more feature-fledged speakers will be priced higher as it should be. To mention some, Lenovo is supposed to charge $199 for the 8-inch version of its Smart Display and $249 for the 10-inch model.

Meanwhile, JBL has revealed that its Google Assistant-powered smart display will be hitting shelves in the U.S. starting from this summer. That being said, it’s certain that great competition is budding in smart speaker segment. Consequently, the end-users or consumers are likely to be benefited as a result of the stiff competition.


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