Google Working On Music Streaming Service


Google is again talking, preparing or working on new project of Streaming Music Service. According to a report by the Financial Times its said that Google is in work for streaming music service like that of Pandora, Slacker,Deezer and Spotify.

google music streaming

If Google comes with its music streaming service than it will definitely get hit as there are plently of users ready for Google services on their Android Phones. Google has already world’s largest video streaming site, YouTube and Play Music, which allows users download songs from over 13 million of tracks.

Until now, Google has tried, and somewhat failed, with its attempts to diversify into the music industry. Let’s see what happens.

Its also said that Music streaming service will offer a subscription service as well as free unlimited access to songs with advertisements. So now its going to be a headache for already existing players in the market?

Via: The Next Web



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