Google’s Fuchsia OS has new UI, opts out Linux Kernel


In August 2016, it was revealed that Google was obscurely on the job, developing its third operating system, called “Fuchsia.” Unlike Android and Chrome OS, that use Linux kernel, Fuchsia is an open source OS that uses Google-built kernel called ‘Magenta.’

It shows an all-new vertically scrolling interface with your profile picture, current date, current location, and a battery icon in the center bottom. Above your profile, are the Story Cards, which seems a set of recently opened apps. The user interface called Armadillo, serves as the default system UI for Fuchsia OS.

When revealed earlier, Fuchsia had a command-line interface only, it has now been updated to an OS featuring a card-based design, though it is still under early stages of development.

Armadillo was built on Google’s Flutter SDK, designed to create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android. Flutter apps are written in Dart, company’s self-developed programming language. All of the system and apps are rendered by ‘Escher,’ which uses OpenGL or Vulkan to display everything.

As you may know, Google’s annual I/O is approaching, we may be informed more about the project. At the same time, we also expect the company to remain silent and only reveal Fuchsia when more progress has been made. While we eagerly wait for the I/O this year, let the clock ticking!

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