Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Now Shipping in Canada and Australia


Now its turn for Canadians and Australians to get hands on Google Nexus 7 as its started shipping in both Canada and Australia. Google is confirming that it will be shipping units of the tablet to Canada and Australia. [quote]We’re now shipping Nexus 7 pre-orders. All U.S. and Australia pre-orders are scheduled to ship by July 17th. U.K. and Canada pre-orders have also begun shipping in waves[/quote]

Customers who pre booked Google Nexus 7 on July 13 would get it by July 17. Google also said, “Once your order has shipped you’ll receive a confirmation email and tracking number. You’ll be able to track your shipment with this tracking number as soon as it has been activated, which may take up to one business day after the email with your tracking number has been sent to you.”

So guys anyone got Google Nexus 7 ?


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