Guide to enable battery bypass on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Samsung introduced several new features for the Galaxy S23 via the means of the OneUI 5.1 update. The same update is now rolling out to the previous flagship devices like Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and some other devices. Among the massive pile of new features, Samsung introduced a nifty feature to Pause USB Power Delivery.

guide to enable battery bypass on samsung galaxy phones?

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What is Battery Bypass Feature?

The feature allows the device to directly use the power from the charging outlet, bypassing the battery. It enables you to get exceptional performance while gaming and diminishes battery heating issues. The battery remains same throughout the your gaming session and unpauses when it ends.

The battery bypass feature is not new for Samsung devices, however, it was dropped from the older flagships. Surprisingly, the feature is back on galaxy S23 and its predecessors with the OneUI 5.1 update.

How to Pause USB Power Delivery on Galaxy Phones

The battery bypass feature can only be used while playing games. It is regarded as a Pause USB Power Delivery feature that can be accessed via the Game Booster plugin for the Game Launcher app. The feature is available for several Samsung Galaxy smartphones including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy A73, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4/Flip 4. the compatibility list may vary, as some users report it working on other devices too.

Steps to enable battery bypass

Follow each step carefully:

  1. Install the Game Booster Plugin from Galaxy Stire on your Galaxy Smartphone.
  2. Plugin in the Phone PD/PPS charger that supports at least 25W charging. (Official Samsung Charger supports the feature).
  3. Now, Open Game Launcher, launch any game, minimize the game, and open the Game Launcher app
  4. Tap on three vertical icons > tap on the Game Booster.
  5. Now, you see an option to toggle the Pause USB Power Delivery option, enable it.
  6. You will see Phone Charging has stopped, which means the device is the bypassing battery.

However, the Charging will resume once you minimize or exit the game.

It is an exceptional feature of Bypass Battery on galaxy Phones, as it eliminates all the heating issues, and even safeguards the battery again rough and tough usage while gaming.

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The feature is rolling out to the Phones and may take some time to roll out to all smartphones and compatible models. So, make sure to keep the app and plugin updated, and wait for the feature to roll out.

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