Samsung Galaxy S23 Series to get HDR fix with the upcoming OTA update

The Galaxy S23 series received a significant camera improvement along with April 2023 Security Patch from Samsung last month in South Korea, later distributed in India, Europe, and the US. Certainly, recently users discovered an HDR issue that, under certain lighting circumstances affects the performance of the Galaxy S23 camera. Subsequently, Samsung announced this week that they are working on a patch to fix the issue.

According to a tipster, the issue of camera HDR vignetting is being fixed by Samsung developers. The South Korean tech manufacturer will address the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s HDR-related camera flaws in the upcoming software update. The HDR problem seen in the image below isn’t very common or particularly simple to reproduce.

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It seems to only occur under specific circumstances. This problem, which appears to occur when the main light source is in the frame, creates a halo appearance around things in low-light or interior settings. According to Samsung, the problem is related to the local tone-mapping (LTM) and exposure value (EV) frame.

Samsung’s statement was translated as “Improvements are in progress and will be included in the next version.” The tipster did not specify a release date for this update, but we anticipate that the cure for the HDR-related flaws, which result in a halo effect around the objects, will be included in next month’s security update, which will also bring the latest May 2023 security patch level for the Galaxy S23 Series.

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