How to Fix Unable to Turn Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify

Spotify is one of the largest audio and media streaming platforms. To maintain the app’s reputation, developers have been working on fine updates to improve the app and user experience. Spotify brings two options for its user, a free model with ads, and a paid premium subscription. Now, the app is getting an issue with the “Smart Shuffle” that leads users to be unable to turn off the Smart Shuffle feature. Several users have shown the inconvenience of the bugs/issue on Twitter and Spotify Community.

fix smart shuffle

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On Twitter, Users can be seen frustrated with the app’s Smart Shuffle bugs. The bugs cause the app to play any songs from random albums. As a result, it is causing an inconvenience to the users to play songs from their playlists.

The users also report that when they are clicking on the regular Shuffle mode, the Smart Shuffle is automatically enabled. Moreover, users who wanted to play random songs couldn’t play because they couldn’t turn off the feature.

Also, the Shuffle button is toggling between the regular Shuffle and Smart Shuffle features for some users. The bugs/issue is said to be affecting both premium and free users.

How to fix unable to Turn Off Smart Shuffle?

To fix the issue, we recommend you close the app forcefully and restart the app. But, make sure to uncheck the Smart Shuffle feature quickly after restarting the app.

Or, try clearing the cache memory, and check if it worked. Also, Re-installing the app by this method on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms could help you.

Eventually, Spotify officials have not made any statement regarding this issue. Users will have to wait for the official’s response.

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