Download OnePlus System Launcher v5.2.36 [Old version archived]


The OnePlus System UI Launcher allows the user to customize the home screen with OxygenOS skin layout. All the other functions like making phone calls, launching apps, socializing, and so on can all be performed smoothly. Further, the platform offers a bundle of amazing customization features that makes your Android smartphone more personal.

OnePlus System Launcher

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The OnePlus System Launcher v12.0.50 update adds a lot of new features that you can see and download below.

Download OnePlus System Launcher

  • [November 17, 2021]: The OnePlus System Launcher version v5.2.36 is rolling out with general bug fixes. The app is rolling out globally for OxygenOS 11 or later users.

What’s New:

  • General bug fixes

Download version v5.2.36

  • [October 18, 2021]: Version v12.0.50

The OnePlus System Launcher version v12.0.50 is rolling out globally in a stable phase. The platform is compatible with smartphones running OxygenOS 11 or higher operating systems. Here is what the update has to offer

What’s New?

  • More Animations
  • New Features
  • Optimized Search Animations
  • Added Unlocking animation
  • Added more glowy like features
  • Playstore Shortcut icon changed
  • Support for Android 12 and 11
  • Support added for One UI 3.5
  • Better UI

Download version v12.0.50

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