How to Root Essential Phone


The Essential PH-1, or popularly known as the Essential Phone holds the tag of being the first Android device developed by the Android creator, Andy Rubin. It’s launched with much fanfare, but due to the immense competition prevailing in the market and its not-so-competitive pricing the device just didn’t get clicked. Nonetheless, there are people who’d got the first “notch bearing” device and loving it with its premium body built of Ceramic. Here, we’ll go through the steps to get root access on the Essential phone.

Since Essential PH-1 is an A/B partition device, the root method or flashing custom ROM differs from the conventional method. We need to have a clear idea about the current Active and Inactive slot of the device. So, read the below-given instructions carefully to successfully root the Essential PH-1.


First of all, we need to boot our device to fastboot mode and flash the TWRP.

How to Boot into fastboot/bootloader mode

  • Reboot phone, and keep the volume down pressed while the device is rebooting until you see bootloader mode screen.
  • While the phone is off, press volume down and then press power button. Keep holding both until you see bootloader mode screen.

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How to Install

  1. Download all the files listed in the download section and place them inside one suitable folder.
  2. Unzip fastboot and ADB zip file (platform-tools). Rename twrp image file to twrp-mata.img. move twrp img file to a platform-tools folder.
  3. Connect the phone to computer and copy below files to internal memory. TWRP Installer Zip and Magisk Zip
  4. Reboot your phone device into bootloader mode.
  5. Using command prompt/terminal navigate to the folder where fastboot is.                          Command Prompt
    fastboot devices


    ./fastboot devices

    Make sure the device is detected in fastboot mode.

  6. Find the current slot. Note this down somewhere.  Command Prompt
    fastboot getvar current-slot


    ./fastboot getvar current-slot
  7. If you get a current slot as:
    * A – we will flash twrp to slot B
    * B – we will flash twrp to slot A
  8. Flash TWRP to slot opposite of what we found out in Step 5.
    • Command Prompt Code:
      fastboot flash boot_slot twrp-mata.img
    • Mac/Linux/Powershell

      ./fastboot flash boot_slot twrp-mata.img
    • So, if your current slot was a, you will use boot_b above. If the current slot was b, you will use boot a above.
  9. Set slot where we flashed TWRP as active.
    • Command Prompt Code:
      fastboot --set-active=slot
    • Mac/Linux/Powershell

      ./fastboot --set-active=slot
    • So, if your current slot was A, you will use –set-active=b above. If the current slot was B, you will use –-set-active=a above.
  10. Use volume rockers till you see recovery option. Then press the power button to select. You should now boot into TWRP.

If the touchscreen doesn’t function, skip to instructions in post 2 below.

Now, flash TWRP installer zip file.
Once zip is flashed and has patched both slots. Go back to home screen.
On this screen select the slot which we had noted down in step 5.
Then reboot into the system. You should now boot into Android.

How to Root Essential Phone using Magisk

root Essential Phone

  1. Boot back into bootloader mode.
  2. Go into TWRP recovery.
  3. Flash magisk zip.
  4. Reboot and Enjoy.

That’s it if you have any problem while following the above guide. You can share your views and problems via comments below.

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He is so desperate to try Custom Roms such that tripped Knox of his brand new Galaxy within 24 Hrs of its purchase. Purely "flashaholic" and can torture his device to any extend for deadly customizations.


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