HTC 10 Mini With Snapdragon 823 Coming With 4.7 Inch Display


HTC 10 is waiting for launch at an event which is expected to take place this Month. The real device is even not launched and we have got its variant from Rumor Mill. Yes, HTC 10 Mini is here with some specs spilling out of the sack.

htc 10 logo

As per the sources, HTC 10 mini is going to be powered with the recently launched Snapdragon 823 which is going to take over the Snapdragon 820, with low clock speed. Also there’s going to be a 4.7 Inch display with 4 GB of RAM. Well, there are no more details that got surfaced but we think these specs don;t hold any real value.

Coming onto the verification of this rumor or leak,we expect this as baseless specs as compared to he HTC 10 leaked reports. If we compare it with leaked HTC 10 specs then mini carries a bigger and little advanced processor than Snapdragon 820 which defies the ‘Mini’ Variant rules of every device. Further, 4 GB RAM can also be termed as false assumption because we think 4GB RAM is going to be made real on HTC 10 main variant and will not take place on HTC 10 Mini.

We are just comparing the facts on the basis of some old stories, rest we can’t ensure whether these are true or false assumption. We have to wait for the official launch event of the HTC to know about HTC 10 and its Mini variant.

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