HTC One Mini also being Sold by Vodafone UK


The HTC One Mini is being Sold by the Vodafone UK with a lot variations in plans for 2G,3G And 4G data connectivity.


The 3G version of the connectivity is being offered on a cheap price of £33 a month with unlimited calls and texts while with 1GB of Data Usage with no extra charges. Also there are no hidden costs as claimed by the company to own the yet best Android powered smartphone i the Industry for now.

With the release of the 4G network in UK by this 29th august the Company is also offering £42 package for the 4G connectivity of the device. Only 2Gb of Data Usage is being granted for 4G and if one needs to upgrade the plan he just needs to pay £47 for 4GB of internet usage.

This is gonna really take over to sales of the HTC One Mini.

Source: Vodafone UK

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