Huawei users in Singapore can trade-in for Samsung at reasonable price


Huawei is having the worst nightmare it could ever imagine. Being listed on the United State’s Entity List made the US-based companies shun their business with the Chinese tech giant. Thus, Huawei lost its  Android and ARM license as well as membership of WiFi Alliance and SD Association. Which clearly means Huawei can’t make smartphones anymore unless it gets removed from the Entity List.


All over the world, Huawei / Honor users are concerned about the future of their smartphones especially the premium flagships. Users are rushing to the nearest store or online to trade-in their Huawei smartphones for a different one across Europe. Taking advantage of the situation, Samsung is offering trade-in for Huawei smartphones at a reasonable price in Singapore.

If you are a Huawei user in Singapore and interested in exchanging it for a Samsung Galaxy S10, then you might want to look at the reasonable trade-in offers listed below.

Model Trade-in Value
Huawei P20 $445
Huawei P20 Pro $560
Huawei Mate 20 $545
Huawei Mate 20 Pro $755
Huawei Nova 3i $300


Also, Samsung has some of its own phones along with Apple iPhones on trade-in offers which are also worth considering.

Model Trade-in Value
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (32 GB) $330
Samsung Galaxy S8 (64 Gb) $425
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (64 GB) $455
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) $545
Apple iPhone X (64 GB) $845


What are your thoughts on Samsung’s trade-in offers in Singapore? Should they offer the same in other regions as well? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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