Instagram live video gets feature to add guests

It has been more than 6 months since the live feature was introduced to Instagram. It is the Facebook’s 2nd most popular social platform with over a hundred millions of active users.. The live feature instantly became a hit among its millions of users.

instagram live guest

Many new features were added to the live broadcast since its launch like saving the live video, reacting to it and so on. This week another new feature will be added to it and it is the ability to add a guest to your live broadcast.

A new ‘add’ button was spotted during the live broadcast in the recent beta update of Instagram. Once the add button is clicked, the user currently broadcasting the live video could request any of their followers or friends to join the broadcast with them.

The user will be able to join or decline the request on the basis of their availability. The person initiated the request could remove them at any time during the broadcast. Once a new person is added to the live broadcast, the live video screen will be splitted in half just like the multitasking screen in Android Nougat.

The viewers can also simultaneously view both the live broadcasts and comment on them as usual. Instagram is currently testing this feature on a limited set of phones. It is announced that it will be rolling this feature globally in the next few months.

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