How to install Google Play Store on Chinese Android Phones?

Are you looking to install Google Play Store on Chinese Android smartphones? Then you must have known the need for Google Play Store and other Google Apps.

google play store on chinese android phones

Most of you might be aware of the fact that Google has been banned in China. Due to this reason, smartphones in China don’t come with Google Apps. The smartphone brands don’t even include Google Play Store in their smartphones in China. As you know, most popular apps can’t work without Google Play Services, so it is necessary to have the same. Popular apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, won’t work without Google. There are also a million apps available in Google Play Store that Chinese users miss. An Android smartphone is incomplete without Google apps.

The best part is that you can sideload Google apps into those Chinese Android devices. It can’t be installed directly as we do while installing APKs. The custom ROM users can use the Gapps package and flash Google apps. But it can’t be done for users who haven’t rooted their smartphones. It requires some small steps for regular users, which we will discuss in this article.

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Steps to install Google Play Store on Chinese Android Phones?


Before getting started with the necessary steps in installing Google Play Store on your Chinese smartphone, make sure to download the following app;

  • Download Google Installer 3.0 using this link.
  • Now copy the file to the internal storage of your smartphone.

After this, follow the below-mentioned steps to install Google app on your Chinese Android device.

Steps to install Google App on your Chinese Android device

  1. Before installing the app, turn on support for Installing apps from Unknown sources on your device. Also, turn on support for Downloading apps from unknown sources. Both can be installed by accessing the Security tab on the Settings menu.
  2. Open the Google Installer 3.0 app, and it will start the download process.
  3. A yellow pop-up button will appear, and you can tap on the start to download the Google Play Service on your device.
  4. After this, you will be prompted to install the Google Play Store app on your device.
  5. Tap on Yes, and it will start downloading the same. Before heading, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the app.
  6. Finally, the Google Play Store has been installed on your Chinese Android smartphone.

These steps are required to install Google Play Store on Chinese Android Phones. Do let us know if you have installed the same on your Chinese smartphone.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
Basith is a CA student who is also a tech evangelist and an auto lover who works with and talks about latest news in tech and auto industry. Apart from this, Basith is a traveller, foodie and a movie buff.


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