Download Google Apps (GApps) for Android 13

Last month, Google released the much-awaited Android 13 update for its Pixel smartphones. While the other Android brands are busy testing the OS version for their flagships. On the other hand, the developers have also started developing custom ROMs, Here on this page, you can find Google Apps, a.k.a GApps that is compatible with smartphones running Android 13.

google apps

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As for features, Android 13 emphasizes the user’s privacy and security. In addition, it enhances the Material You theme engine to prove you with more customization options. Moreover, several features are improved like QR code scanning, copy/paste between phones and tablets, integrated Fast Pair support, Bluetooth LE Audio support, Spatial Audio capabilities, and more. Furthermore, it carries a pre-app language option which allows setting different languages for different apps that too, without having to change the system language.

Download Google Apps (GApps) for Android 13

GApps, also known as Google Apps is a package that includes GMS (Google Mobile Services), Play Services, Play Store, YouTube, Google Assistant, Chrome, and more. Thanks to developers like, LiteGapps, GApps packages are available with flashable zips. However, currently, only a couple of Gapps are available as Android 13 is moderately new.

Download LiteGapps for Android 13

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