Jellybean Now Counts On 45% Of Total Android Devices, Google Axes Android 2.2 And Below!


Well in the History of Android, till date there have been devices running on different firmwares from “C” to “K” (TBA). Well by C, we meant of Cupcake and it has amazing repeated their success over the years. At one time, back in 2013, almost 75 % of Android devices were running under GB, as most of  the devices hadn’t got the much recent ICS and JB Update and as many companies failed in providing updates to their flagship phones. But as times are changing, most and most devices , both old and the new ones are either obtaining a Jellybean Update or are coming with JB on board, which is not very interesting to watch. As more and more companies are providing customers with the newest specifications and want to be the best.


The above mentioned change can be seen in the Android firmware distribution charts. Well, back in March we got Gingerbread sharing the larger pie, but as times are changing Jellybean has overcome its counterpart and is the major component of the firmware distribution shares.

The Android 4.3, which was released along with new Nexus 7 tablet, is still nowhere to be seen in the platform data, probably because of the very tiny share in the larger Android ecosystem.

Google Axes Android 2.1 and Below!

In other news, Google had stated that they are no longer supporting devices running on Android 2.1 and below, which are : Eclair (Android 2.1), Donut(Android 1.5) Cupcake(Android 1.4).  Considering last month’s platform data, versions older than Android 2.2 will be present on around 1 per cent of the total Android devices currently active in the world.

We hope that the “outdated” factor does matter for Google, and they want to keep intact with the present world and want to give their users the taste of fresh Android !

“Beginning in September, 2013, devices running versions older than Android 2.2 do not appear in this data because those devices do not support the new Google Play Store app. Only the new app is able to measure the number of devices that actively visit Google Play Store and we believe this measurement best reflects your potential user-base,” the company noted.

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