Keyboard in Google Assistant adds Suggestion Row with some new features

Have you used Google Assistant app? If not then it is a must try. You should try this new app with its new features. People are already buzzing about the new Google Assistant update which is very much helpful to them. The new update is trying support. This feature helps you with a full search phrases rather than just a suggestion for the next word.

google assistant

As you start typing words you will find a number of suggestions and the correct spellings in the search bar. This offers three suggestions but the fuller phrases only lists two.

The Google Assistant can also answer complex search items and avoids confusion.

You will also get help from voice assistant but with this new update, it has become easy for people to work with Google.

People who already have used this application are happy with its new update about the keyboard upgradation as well as the improved suggestion.

People are appreciating the new thinking launched by the Google Assistant app. Now you can find and type anything with the help of two way process in a new and updated version.

So, install and update the app and enjoy its new features.

Manjyot Singh
Manjyot Singh
As a Technology enthusiast, not only likes using gadgets but also loves to write and review about them. Have always been a fan of latest gadgets and smartphones with latest features.


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