Latest Adobe Photoshop Express v5.0.508 adds Text feature on Android


Adobe is finally bringing the Text feature on its Android edition of Adobe Photoshop Express. The latest Adobe Photoshop Express v5.0.508 is rolling out via the Google Play Store with the highlight – “Addition of Text Feature”. Have a look at the changelog below.

What’s New

  • Introducing Text – Adding one of the most requested features. You can now add text and create incredible memes, using a variety of fonts, colors, and transparency options.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements to make the experience better.

Though simple and must for a photo editor tool, the Text support was absent from the Adobe Express all these while. But, due to the frequent request from the users Adobe has no choice other than to bring the Text. Prior to this update the only way we can add custom Texts on images was through the Watermark feature on settings. In fact, the Watermark feature is too a newcomer on the Adobe Express with the just recent v4 update .

You can find the Text feature is as an additional icon(T) on the tool drawer, where you can find the already existing features such as Crop, Healing Brush and so on. As depicted on the changelog, you can add the Texts and customize it using a variety of fonts, colors, and transparency options.

That said, if you’re one among those who’ve been waiting for this feature. Hit the Google Play Store and update the Adobe Express to make use of it.


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