Latest Samsung Pay Framework 3.0.31 should fix battery drain issue


Samsung Pay and Samsung Framework are getting new updates plausibly with a fix for the battery drain issue previously reported by various users. The Samsung Pay 3.7.64 and its Framework bearing version number 3.0.31 are now live on Galaxy Apps Store. It might take time to be visible on Google Play Store as it’s the case with every Samsung apps update.

Samsung Pay Framework battery drain


If you’re unaware, recently, multiple Samsung Pay users took themself to various social media sites to complain about the abnormal battery drain issue on their Galaxy devices. Many accused the Samsung Pay framework as it’s showing unusual battery usage of upto 30% of the device’s total charge. Normally, the app should consume only 2-5% battery as it’s mere a backend app supporting the main Samsung Pay app.

However, the issue seems to be not widespread. Fortunately, neither my Galaxy A8+ have had any issue nor my brother’s Galaxy Note8. In both of the devices the Samsung Pay framework has shown 1 to 2% battery usage which is normal. Of course, the situation is same after installing the update too. So, the issue seems to be affected to only for a section of the Samsung Pay users.

After update

Well, in case if your Galaxy is shedding the fuel quickly than ever before and Samsung Pay framework showing abnormal battery usage. Then, immediately update the apps to the latest versions in order to get it fixed.

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