List of apps with spatial audio support on Pixel Buds Pro

Google’s December 2022 Pixel Drop update also brought changes to Pixel Buds Pro. Some features will be enabled in the future. Since Google launched the buds, Google pushed various updates to improve the device. It recently got a full 5-band equalizer in an update. Google will enable spatial audio in the device by January 2023. Spatial audio is a feature that creates a surround effect in a 360-degree sound format.

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The toggle to enable Spatial Audio in supported Pixel smartphones will also arrive by next month. It will create the effect in any device, like earphones, headphones, or TWS buds. The feature would offer a different experience while watching movies with good audio experiences. Earlier, the toggle was found in Pixel 6 Pro running on Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1, but later it disappeared.

Apps that support spatial audio support

Google said that the spatial audio support in Pixel smartphones with the following apps:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Google TV
  • HBOMax

All movies or shows or any media content in these apps with 5.1 or higher audio tracks will support the Spatial Audio function on Pixel Buds Pro.

Google will also enable the Head tracking feature once Spatial Audio goes live. It will enhance audio tracks with Dolby Atmos-enabled while using Spatial Audio enabled. The Pixel Buds Pro was launched in May 2022 at the I/O 2022. The buds came with premium features like Active Noice Cancellation, a 6-core audio custom-built chip, and much more.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
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