Microsoft Office Android App Lands In Play Store


Finally, Microsoft has launched, Microsoft Android App and is now available for download via the Play Store. You can download the Office 365 suite from the store Android phones. But you need to shell out minimum $99 per year.

office for android

As said above you need to subscribe an Office 365 subscription. Office 365 Home Premium costs $99.99 per year and the Small Business Premium edition runs $150 per year for each user. Microsoft offers a 30-day free trial via

Android owners can access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on their smartphones or create Word and Excel docs (but not PowerPoint docs) from scratch on those handsets.

Microsoft said, “Office Mobile has been optimized for the small screen of your phone so you can get things done efficiently, When reviewing Word documents, the Resume Reading feature takes you to the exact point in the document where you left off on your PC so you don’t waste time searching. The new Slide Navigator lets you browse through PowerPoint presentations fast while Speaker Notes help you practice on the run.”

Download Now From: Google Play


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