Mobile Malware Grew By 163% And 97% Recorded On Android


Malware? Here’s one more report hinting increase in the Mobile Malware this year and its also said that Malware have become smarter also. In 2013 mobile malware has grown to 163% in respect to 2012. Most the Malware was targeted on Android, about 97%. Above data is collected by a security firm, NQ Mobile.

nq mobile malware report

Users are taking these objects lightly needs to start worrying about viruses, trojans and other malware as these things have become smart than previous year. Security firms counted total of more than 65,000 identified forms of app repackaging, malicious URLs and SMS phishing. NQ Mobile estimates that these forms of malware helped infect an estimated 32.8 million Android devices in 2012 — an increase of over 200 percent from 2011.

In US 9.8 percent of devices were infected, while numbers were 25.5 percent in China, 19.4 percent in India and 17.9 percent in Russia.

nq mobile malware report 3

In Previous year also similar reports came from McAfee, Chitika and other renowned security firms.

Via: TechCrunch


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