Google’s Switch to Android app on iOS gets Android 12 support

If you are an iPhone user and want to switch to Android, Google just made it easier for you. With the latest update, Google’s Switch to Android app for iOS now supports all Android 12 devices. For the unaware, the platform is a free iOS app that allows an iPhone user to easily switch to an Android smartphone.

switch to android app

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The latest update for the Switch to Android app made it easier to take over an Android smartphone that is running the latest Android 12 operating system. Also, you can import data like contacts, calendar entries, photos, etc from your old iPhone to your new Android device.

“Starting today, support for the Switch to Android app on iOS is rolling out to all Android 12 phones, so you can move over some important information from your iPhone to your new Android seamlessly,” says Google.

How to use the Switch to Android app on iOS?

The app is actually pretty simple to use. In order to switch from iOS to Android, you just need to follow the below steps:

  • Connect your iPhone with an Android device.
    You can do this using WiFi or a Lightning to USB-C cable.
  • Open the app on your iPhone and select the data you want to move.
    This could include contacts, photos, messages, videos, apps, and music
  • Once selected, the app will do its job effortlessly.
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Isn’t this the simplest? In fact, the app will also assist you with tips and instructions on how you can transfer your Apple iCloud data to your new Android phone.

Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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