Moto X to Come to UK by January 30


Moto X has been an amazing customizable Android Smartphone by Google acquired, Motorola. But due to some reasons the flagship device was only made available for the United States, but now it is finally going to make it’s debut in some of the European countries.

moto x black and white
moto x black and white

So the Moto X would come to European countries, including the UK by February 1. But it seems that it will reach before hand, as chances are it might reach by Thursday. Also Clove, which is a popular Smartphone retailer made an announcement that they will be getting the device earlier than others.

Though the Moto X does not have the best of the sprcification in the market. But it is a great combination of the build quality, customization, stock Android experience. So guys who were looking to buy the device, maybe you can get your hands onto the device by some days now.


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