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In Q1 2019, Samsung officially launched Galaxy Fold with Android 9 Pie. The phone features a 7.3-inch screen paired with 12GB RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. Under the hood, it powers an octa-core processor based on Snapdragon 855 chipset and Adreno 640 GPU. In the shooting department, the phone houses a 12MP triple rear camera and a 10MP dual front snapper.

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Note: This is an update tracker and will be updated regularly with the latest update releases for the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Updates Tracker

  • [September 07, 2023]: Samsung rolls out a fresh software update for the Galaxy Z Fold. The latest update comes packed with the Android security patch for August 2023, promising improved system security, enhanced stability and bug fixes. The Galaxy Fold users can expect version F900WVLS7HWG1.
  • [August 21, 2023]: Samsung recently rolled out its August security patch for the Galaxy Z Fold series, and the Galaxy Fold owners have also received the update. The update is intended to fix the various security vulnerabilities in the device, so no significant performance improvements were noticed with the update.
  • [June 24, 2023]: The Samsung has now started rolling out the month-old May 2023 security patch for the Galaxy Fold. The update includes firmware version F900U1UEU6HWE5 for unlocked versions.
  • [November 17, 2022]: Galaxy Fold 5G is now getting the November 2022 security update and being bumped up to firmware version F907BXXU6HVJ7. The new update now available in the United Kingdom. The stability of the device has been improved with this update.
  • [November 11, 2022]: The latest update for the Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with firmware versions F900FXXU6HVJ7 in France. The November 2022 security patch fixes close to four dozen security vulnerabilities and also bring general bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • [October 6, 2022]: Galaxy Z Fold 5G is picking up a new software update with September 2022 security patch. The build arrives on firmware version F907BXXU6HVI5 in the UK. The patch fixes over two dozen security vulnerabilities. BEsides, it might as well bring some general bug fixes and device stability improvements.
  • [July 26, 2022]: Samsung is spinning a new update to the Galaxy Z Fold with the firmware version F900FXXS6HVG3. The update is rolling out in India and Sri Lanka with July 2022 security patch. Besides increasing system security, the build might bring some general bug fixes and device stability improvements. Also, the patch fixes over 50 privacy and security-related vulnerabilities.
  • [July 14, 2022]: The original Galaxy Z Fold is receiving a new software update with June 2022 security patch. The build is rolling out in Europe with firmware version F926BXXS1CVG1. Besides fixing over 50 privacy and security-related vulnerabilities, the build may also carry some general bug fixes and improve device stability.
  • [July 1, 2022]: The June 2022 security patch for the Galaxy Z Fold is now available in Brazil with firmware version F900FXXU6HVF3. Also, the build resolves some bugs and improves the device’s stability. Besides, with the new software, some stock apps might be updated as well.
  • [June 28, 2022]: The carrier-unlocked model of Galaxy Z Fold is getting a new software update. The build has firmware version F900U1UEU6HVF7 and it packs the June 2022 security patch.
  • [May 13, 2022]: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold units in the UK are upgrading with May 2022 security patch. The update arrives on firmware version F907BXXS6HVD1. Also, it might include some general bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • [May 11, 2022]: The original Galaxy Fold is receiving a new update with May 2022 security patch. The update is currently rolling out in Latin America and for the carrier-unlocked variants in the US. More regions could get the update within the next few weeks. The build carries the firmware version F900FXXS6HVD1 and F900U1UES6HVD2 respectively.
  • [April 20, 2022]: The April 2022 security patch is reaching out to more regions on the firmware version F900FXXS6HVC8. This time, the update is rolling out in Colombia, France, and Panama units of Galaxy Fold.
  • [April 19, 2022]: A new update is rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G with April 2022 security patch. It arrives on firmware version F907BXXS6HVC8 which is currently rolling out in the UK, while other regions will get it in a week.
  • [March 28, 2022]: The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Fold 5G devices are getting a new update on firmware number F90xxXXU6HVC6. It packs the One UI 4.1 software along with March 2022 security patch. The build is rolling out for the LTE and 5G variants in France and the UK, respectively.
  • [February 22, 2022]: The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Fold 5G are getting February 2022 security patches. For the standard model, the build arrives on firmware version F900FXXS6GVA1 which is rolling out in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nordic countries, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. For the 5G variant, it bears the firmware version F907BXXS6GVA1 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.
  • [December 15, 2021]: Samsung is releasing the December 2021 security patch to the Galaxy Fold via firmware version F900U1UEU6FUK5 in the US. The update is live on various carrier networks including  AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Comcast, C-Spire, Verizon, and Xfinity Mobile.
  • [November 10, 2021]: Galaxy Fold 5G is receiving the current security maintenance, November 2021 patch. The update is rolling out in various European countries via the firmware version F907BXXS6FUJB. As per Samsung, the patch fixes dozens of vulnerabilities related to privacy and security.
  • [October 18, 2021]: The October 2021 security patch is extending to the Galaxy Fold 5G units in rolling out in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. The update bumps the firmware version to F907BXXS6FUI5. It also includes some general bug fixes and device stability improvements.
  • [October 11, 2021]: The Galaxy Fold is receiving the current security maintenance, October 2021. The update arrives on the firmware version F900FXXS6FUI5 which is unfurling in France. Additionally, it could carry some general bug fixes and device stability improvements. Also, the patch fixes over 60 system security and privacy vulnerabilities.
  • [September 7, 2021]: Samsung is sending a new software update to the Galaxy Fold units in Europe & South Korea. The build carries the September 2021 security patch on the firmware version F907NKOU3FUHB. The company is yet to detail the patch but it is expected to carry some known bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • [August 15, 2021]: Galaxy Fold 4G and 5G are grabbing the August 2021 security patch. The firmware version F900FXXS5EUG1/F900U1UES5EUG1 is presently live in France. The patch resolves 40 security and privacy-related vulnerabilities. Besides, the updates do not carry any significant changes.
  • [July 2021]: Galaxy Fold is the latest device to join the July 2021 Security Patch update party. The update has started hitting the devices in France via the firmware number F900FXXS5EUF3. Unfortunately, the changelog of this update remains a mystery right now. Nonetheless, as it is a regular monthly patch, we can expect known bug fixes, improvements, and minor changes.
  • [March 31, 2021]: The company has now started lining up the April 2021 Security Patch update to the Galaxy Fold users. The update can be identified on the firmware version F900FXXU4EUCF, and it is currently rolling out only in France. However, we can expect a wider release shortly. Head here to know more details on this build.
  • [February 26, 2021]: Galaxy Fold is grabbing the One UI 3.1 update on firmware version F900FXXU4EUBF. Presently, the update is live in France, while it will soon it other regions as well. The build brings minor UI changes, private share, object eraser tool, Google Home smart devices controls, and it removes GPS location from images.
  • [February 16, 2021]: Samsung Galaxy Fold is receiving Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update. The update with the firmware version F900U1UEU4DUA3 features Android 11 like chat bubbles, a conversation section in the notifications area, one-time permissions, and a media playback widget. There’s also a refreshed user interface and enhanced stock Samsung apps including UI 3.0 skin on top coupled with February 2021 security patch.
  • [July 10, 2020]: Samsung has recently pushed out the July 2020 Security Patch update for its Galaxy Fold devices. The update with the F900FXXS4BTF2 Firmware version is currently rolling out only for the international LTE variants only. As of now, the users from European markets, Kazakhstan, and Russia are experiencing the update.The patch reports bug fixes and a few optimizations.
  • [June 9, 2020]: Samsung started rolling out the June 2020 Security patch update for the unlocked versions of Galaxy Fold. The update comes with the firmware version  F900U1UES3BTE1 in the USA. The package brings stability improvements, security loophole fixes, and bug fixes that were posted last month in Google & Samsung community Forums.
  • [June 5, 2020]: Samsung has released the June 2020 security patch for the 4G variants of Galaxy Fold. The build arrives on the F900FXXS3BTE1 firmware version for European variants. According to the changelog provided by the company, the update includes only the new security patch, and no new features were added to this update.
  • [May 13, 2020]: The May 2020 security patch is rolling out for the Galaxy Fold units in the UK. the update arrives on firmware versions F907BXXU3BTDD. Along with the security enhancements, the new update also adds some new features related to the camera along with general bug fixes. Click here to know what more you will get with this package.

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As the update is having a phase-wise rollout, it may take some time to reach all the units. In the meantime, you can head to Settings > Software updates > Security updates to check the update manually. We also suggest you switch over to a WiFi network before downloading the update to avoid data charges.

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