Motorola Nexus on the way in Quarter 4


So saying by the rumors the Motorola Nexus would be hitting the market by the quarter 4 of this year. Not talking about a Moto X Variant, but a dedicated Nexus Device.

motot nexus

On Google+ Taylor Wimberly, who had previously shared some things about Moto X even before its announcement and release, again shared some news with his followers. He qouted that:

“Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)”

Also Motorola had announced a Google Play Edition of the Moto X, although there is no news when it would be out. So we can expect the next gen-Nexus later in Q4 this year, and also the point to note, that the New Android Version of the OS would launch.




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