Google Glass Expected to Retail for $299


At $1,500, Google Glass was never intended to be a gadget that was a runaway success with consumers from day one. It was meant for the tech elite and early adopters who wanted a sneak peak at Google’s plans for the future.

google glass front

While the price for the Google glass is intended to be at $299 which is not really confirmed by Google. Also the device will be releasing soon at this price as pert rumors.

The most expensive ingredient in the Google Glass gadget is Its Display which basically the main part of the gadget and is priced at $35 to the bill of materials and is made by Himax Technologies. Google apparently made a big investment in the company to help secure its supply chain for future projects like consumer version of Google Glass.

While after the most priced thing that is the display there is no pricey thing used in the Google Glass.

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