[Report] Asus working on Next-Gen Nexus 10


After the recent launch of the newly developed and the successor of the Nexus 7, Android Boss, Sundar Pinchari hinted us of about the Next Successor of Nexus 10. But Folks over  Geek believe that Asus is leading the charge to make this year’s Nexus 10 tablet in addition to the already launched new Nexus 7.


Geeks reports that the device will be released in the time of holidays, which is a no-brainer. . The tablet will be available at both Best Buy stores as well as Google Play at launch.

The specifications of the device remains unclear, but it is said that the device would be more polished and Android 4.3 can make a visit up there.

Also, as last year’s Nexus 10 tablet was not much of a success despite the impressive display and other hardware, so chances are that Google and Asus will be making some big changes.

So, folks we keep you to you to decide, whether the new Nexis 10 would be a Samsung franchise or Asus?

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