Motorola X Phone May Debut With 20 Colors


According to PhoneArena, much rumored device, Motorola X Phone may debut with 20 colors. Earlier it was rumored that Google or Motorola will give customizable handset option– in which user can adjust specs of the handset according his/her need. In other words users or buyers can adjust their device RAM amount, screen size and some other aspects of the phone. But after some time it gets scrapped due to some reasons.


Now this color scheme will offer much choice to customers that they can buy the phone in his/her own color choice. Currently its not clear that they want to give 20 different color option or more than this.

But whatever it could be, in real it would only give color choice to users not anymore than this. Anything from here is not confirmed so take it lighlty.

Share your comments about this type of color options? Are going to buy a device for its color?

Source: PhoneArena


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