New Nexus May Feature Same Camera As That of LG G2 With 13MP Optical Image Stabilization



The rumors of the new Nexus will be manufactured by LG are very well confirmed as many others rumors coinciding with this and also rumors from South Korea says that LG will be taking over to the next Flag Ship by Google after the LG G2.

Sharing the same hardware is not new for Nexus and LG  as previously the 8 MP camera featured in Nexus 4 is the same as the 8MP hardware used in LG Optimus G(The AT & T model).

So this is relevantly we can assume  that the LG G2’s camera hardware will be used in the Nexus 5. Supporting this assumption is the close resemblance between the camera module from the FCC docs and the camera module of the LG G2.

While we don’t have any confirmation for this but still the resemblance of the pictures of he hardware can lead us to conclude that the Camera’s are same.


Stay Tuned for more.


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