Nexus 4 Ad ‘Live in the Now’ Released by Google


Google has released Nexus 4 Ad ‘Live in the Now’ on YouTube. Google aired a new commercial at Grammys award show Sunday night showing the Nexus 4 and its Google Now found within Jelly Bean.

So now its becoming clearer that Google intends to push Now as one of Android’s killer features. In video commercial also Google showcased how can Google Now help you. According to reports and news its seems that Google is going to bring Google Now to Desktop and ChromeOS also.

Google started working on this feature since Apple’s siri launch. It was launched with Android 4.1 Jelly bean last year at Google IO 2012 in June.

For ore you can checkout out the video below:

Did you used Google Now ever?So how many from here are daily users of Google Now?

Via: Youtube


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