Nokia X Did Not Got 1 Million Pre Orders


Recently we read about the news that the newly launched Android smartphone from Nokia, namely the Nokia X has received about 1 Million Pre orders in China itself.


But it seems that the news might just be a misleading one. RetailerJD.Com had set up a contest in which the participants had to click on the pre order button so as to be able to win a free Nokia X, without giving any money or registering with the site any giving any kind of information. So technically that does not mean “pre order”.

Even if the news had been misleading it does not change the fact that the device would sell fairly well, it could exceed the million milestone easily. As the device is really cheap at $100 which is quite cheap for an Android smartphone with a good build quality.  Also considering the fact that it is Nokia’s first Android smartphone, things are only getting better and better.


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