OnePlus 5 key specs leak, might get a much faster Dash Charge technology


After the launch of the king of all flagships it’s time for the flagship killer to take center-stage and make people drool at the beauty. Before the impending debut of the OnePlus 5 we have started seeing a healthy influx of some leaks, rumors and images of the device.

Today, a company called Kumamoto Technology has brought to light some of the key specs of the device. Before venturing further we would like to remind readers that this is unofficial information and readers should regard it as such.

The report states the OnePlus 5 will sport the trailblazing Snapdragon 835 which concurs to previous rumors. A vertical dual rear camera setup is also being tipped for the flagship killer. While the OnePlus 3T was no  slouch in the camera department it could definitely do with an upgrade. Earlier rumors also specified there would be a whoppping 8GB of RAM, today’s report pegs the OnePlus 5 at 6 GB of RAM.

Recent images have also suggested that the fingerprint scanner will stay at the front. Kumamoto technology believes the internal storage will be 128 GB at least. Although they have kept quiet about a 256 GB variant.

The post from Kumamoto Technology states that the OnePlus 5 will carry a 3600 mAh battery with a new fast charging technology believed to be 25% faster than the previous Dash Charge. If this particular piece of information is true, this will be an industry leading technology.

There  are many questions unanswered in this report. For example no confirmation of a 3.5mm headphone jack or waterproofing is available. Nonetheless given the leaked specs, the OnePlus 5 is definitely going to be a top-notch performer just like its predecessor. This year the OnePlus 5 is expected in May. Rest assured we will keep you in the know till then.

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