Oracle Ordered By Court To Pay Google’s Legal Fees


Oracle Google Case – Court ruled that Google is free to use java parts on which oracle puts restrictions earlier. Except this Jude Alsup also ruled that Oracle have to pay  to Google legal fees worth $300,000  (as total damages Google faced for this final round said Google spokesperson Jim Prosser) if they wanted to get back into the courtroom. Here’s the statement of Judge:

Oracle should be required to make the reimbursements described above as a condition of a third try because it would be unfair to impose on Google the fees and expenses necessary to respond to the third effort.  Oracle has already had two full and fair opportunities and has overreached on both.  Oracle has behaved unreasonably and should bear the burden of the consequences.  Apart from reasonableness or not, allowing a third try of this magnitude is rare in federal litigation and the party responsible for the need for a third try should bear the full burden.

Court ordered this because Oracle already brought this case two times to the court and denied both times. Judge Alsup also stated that the case has wasted the court’s time. Till now no statement is given from the Oracle but we are waiting what would happen now? Do Oracle would head to third round or not? Check out the official court papers or documents by clicking over at source link.

Source: Court Order

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