Play Music From Google Search Results In A Tap

Play Music on your Android Device Straight from Google Search Results.


Yes! That’s true, Now you can play music straight from the Google Search results. For example if you’re searching for an artist and Google Shows that artist’s full details along with his/her popular track. Now you can play the track straight from that list.

google search music

Isn’t its little great? Yep I think as it will save time and give Google search more power to ruin its competitors. You can play tracks of artists you’ve been searching for with just one tap. Currently this update is available in the US and that too for the Android users but Google has promised that this it will expand play feature reach to other countries and platforms in coming months.

It will make a fully delightful experience for Music enthusiasts. Currently players that support this feature are Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn Radio,  YouTube, and Rdio. Soon more players will be added as according to the Google. Last year Google announced the hummingbird update which included many features visualization wise and technically also.

It really sounds good? Isn’t it?


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