Project Tango’s Price Cut Down To Half For Those Who Got lucky Enough To Receive Email

Google has been working on project Tango. Many of us are hopefully aware of the fact that this Tango Tablet’s project was taken up by Google’s ATAP –  Advanced Technology and Projects group, a division of Motorola. Tango in simple words is a Android based smartphone which will display 3D motion of your device and create a 3D model of environment around it. As per few announcements that were made by Google previously, this device will feature 7 inch screen.

google's project tango

Along with 4 MP Rear camera, device will have features like – 2x Computer vision processors, integrated depth sensing, motion tracking camera. Last year in June, Google had a plan to manufacture 4,000 prototype models of the tablet and make it available to developers. Developer’s Kit is available to only those developers who have been receiving an email from Google itself. As per a report by Android Police , a reader got to see an email received by a developer and it was noted that price tag was cut down to half by the company.

google's project tango

Google has also mentioned in email a term – “open up sales more broadly”. This could either mean that Google may set Developer’s Kit available to all by putting it online with cut down price from $1024 to $512 or it could possibly mean that Google has decided to send more emails to developers with the newly generated price tag.

This new product by Google can be expected this year and hopefully, LG will be its Hardware partner. Google has not declared anything officially yet. More information about the purchase of its developer’s kit can be found on official Google Website for the product and for more information and updates, stay connected with GoAndroid.


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