Qualcomm Announces ‘Internet Processor’ With Snapdragon DNA


Once again Qualcomm is here with new stuff aka Processor. This time with improvement in performance and  battery consumption Qualcomm has launched has just announced that it is introducing a line of Internet Processor (IPQ, the Q stands for Qualcomm).

qualcomm ipq power

This New ‘Internet Processor’ will provide higher performance for connected devices like routers and other Internet appliances that may need to handle high data throughput.  The two new SoCs are IPQ8064 and IPQ8062, close cousins of the APQ8064 (Snapdragon 600).

Overall, the technology will support data transfer rates of 5 gigabits per second across a variety of networks. That has much as three times the typical data rate. Some More features of IPQ are listed below:


“We’re bringing some of the techniques of the mobile world into the network world,” Antes said. “So this device can scale down to low frequency and power when it is in standby mode.”

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