Be ready!! Google Is Going To Upgrade Search Results For Mobile

Google, undeniable king of internet search, is going to do a favor for mobile-oriented websites. Previously this year, Google reported that they are going to make a mobile friendly algorithm update as the part of wider search algorithm.

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A recent Google decision to change its algorithm means mobile-friendly websites are now vital for companies that use the web to attract customers, according to Bill Barnes, president of Mobile Marketing Solutions Inc. However, it’s a bit of surprise that Google is once again focusing on mobile traffic because mobile has now become a primary device for internet usage. According to the figures of worldwide survey of 2013, internet penetration through mobile phones was 73.4 % of total internet penetration and by 2017 it will be 90%.

If you are the one who ‘google’ a lot through their mobile device, then you may already have seen the footnotes about mobile friendly websites in your search results. But now Google had made it official by introducing it in their search algorithm.

With the bizarre move, search giant announced that they would add mobile friendly algorithm to their search algorithm from April 21 by doing a great favor for mobile friendly websites. It clearly indicates that developers who count on search results to attract customers could suffer “A dramatic drop in business and calls” if they don’t have a mobile friendly website, said Barnes.

Black press has now collaborated with Mobile Marketing Solutions Inc to overture Google, it’s a service that helps companies to upgrade their websites by inserting items at the leading edge of the website. By doing this, all the content of the website will be fit on the mobile screen without doing any zoom in or out. Moreover, this algorithm will affect the ranking of the websites as mobile friendly websites will be placed before non mobile friendly websites in the ranking table. But this algorithm will be implemented only for mobile phones not for tablets.

So as now Google is focusing on mobile traffic, it’s a last chance for you to upgrade your website and make it mobile friendly , otherwise you have to pay it for in by suffering in business. Just keep it in mind, do this before Google launch its algorithm as part of their search algorithm that is April 21.


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