Google Working For Fix On Ad injectors On Chrome

Ad injectors in your PC’s can put a serious impact on your web Browsers and can effect your browsing and many more internet related activities. Ad injectors are programs that insert new ads, or replace existing ones , into the pages you visit while browsing the web. A reading of New York Times:

ad injector

A post on search engine’s giant blogspot revealed that since the beginning of 2015 they have received more than 100,000 complaints from Chrome users which is more than network errors, performance problem or any other issues. Lets have a look at these two web pages.

This is how a ad injector affected page for sale of Nexus 6 looked like :

ad injector effected page

Google also claimed that injectors are yet another symptom of unwanted software – “programs that are deceptive, difficult to remove, secretly bundled with other downloads and have other bad qualities.”

Google shared some of their efforts and facts that they have been working on.  Ad injectors are unwanted to users, advertisers and publishers as well. In the first place, ad injectors penetrate into your PC via deceptive advertising, or software bundles. Recent “Superfish” incident shows how ad injections can be a security risk too.

Google in past has rolled out various policies to limit or entirely prohibit these ad injectors. To further increase the awareness and  scale of the issue, Google will be releasing its new research on May 1.

A study conducted with researches at University of California Berkely, drew some conclusions from more than 100 million pageviews of Google sites across Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. These ad injectors were detected on all operating systems an all web browsers. Ad injectors are installed on more than 5% of people’s PC who visit Google sites. Within this group half have at least two injectors installed and nearly one third have at least four installed.  Researchers have found over 192 deceptive Chrome Extensions that affected 14 million users. Since then these have been disabled by Google.

Google said that they have been constantly working to improve their policies to protect people on web. And hence hope for a better and improved experience of Google and web as a whole.


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