Now Run Android Apps On Desktop With Google’s ARC Welder

Google last year initialized ARC project. ARC stands for ‘App runtime for Chrome’ that lets you run Android Applications on Chrome OS. This project launched in September had many limitations. Only certain apps could run and it worked for only Chrome OS. A report from  ARS technica reveals that now, ARC can be enabled on every desktop version of chrome which is means that now we can run android apps on Chrome OS, windows, MAC OS and Linux as well.


Google has released a chrome app named ARC Welder which will convert any android app into an ARC – powered Chrome app. Now, this is an official process to get Android apps running on Chrome platform. Developers can package up their APK files and submit it to Chrome Web Store.  This APK can be installed and launched by anyone form the Chrome store. With the aid of ARC, they can run on your desktop no matter it is windows PC,MAC book or a Chrome based book.

It turns out ARC is based on Android 4.4 and runs Dalvik VM, not the faster Android Run Time (ART) that debuted in Android 5.0.Many experiments have been conducted on ARC Weldor. Standalone applications like Twitter worked perfectly while apps didn’t work because those apps were meant specifically for smartphones and tablets. Reports said that many apps could not run on ARC and hence do not disappoint if any app fails to run. This Project can bring a huge change in Android Market. Let’s look forward for detailed and official announcements by Google.


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